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How To Get Her To Talk About Her Fantasies

Men and women always seem to have trouble with talking openly about their sexual fantasies. Most of the time men and women fear that when they do advertise their fantasies they will not be accepted. It is best to let your partner know what your fantasies are because often men will seek out dating sites to satisfy their needs.

Not being able to openly talk about your fantasies with your partner may become quite frustrating. You’re probably still going to enjoy the sex but you will still somehow be left unsatisfied. This goes both ways, and women too have fantasies that they are afraid to share. The best thing to do is to accept her fantasies and play them out with her so that she will be open to yours. The hardest part is to actually get her talking about her fantasies. There are 3 ways that guarantee you will get her to tell you her sexual fantasies.

Tell Her Your Fantasies

Share your fantasies with her first and this will get her to be more open. When you share something so intimate with her she will instantly feel a lot more comfortable and will want to share her fantasies with you. Of course, don’t get too much into detail before you know her well enough. Make sure you have a really good connection and are comfortable with each other before you spill the beans.

Sometimes even when you tell her your fantasies she may still not open up to you. There needs to be a certain level of comfort for her to be able to share that with you. A good tip is to discuss fantasies when you first talk so you can get a sense of what to expect.

Be Open Minded

A good thing to do is to tell her that you are open minded and are willing to try new things. Women will feel more comfortable around a guy who is more open minded. Women will be more willing to tell you about their fantasies when they know you are interested in exploring sexual adult fantasies.

Truth Or Dare

Although this may seem odd since it’s a childish game, playing truth or dare can actually get her to open up to you more than you would think. When you are in bed playing truth or dare with her and ask her what her fantasy is. Playing this game somehow makes women feel more willing to talk about their deepest secrets.

Conversation Topics to Avoid Awkward Silences on a First Date

Even when your date seems to be going really well and the conversation is flowing, there comes that moment when there is an awkward silence. Once this happens, both of you instantly feel awkward and the date turns from good to bad. Awkward silences usually happen when you have nothing left to talk about. When going on a date it is all about trying to get her to come home with you. If the conversation becomes dry, this is very unlikely to happen.

The common theme of awkward silences is that men on dates often don’t know how to continue a conversation without running into these silences. This all comes from experience, and once you get the hang of it you will not be running into these awkward silences. There are three essential conversation pieces that can guarantee that the conversation will keep flowing and you will likely get laid.

Memorize Her Dating Profile

An interesting thing about women is that they love talking about what they are interested in and they will continue to talk about it unless you stop them. The best thing to do is to pinpoint something you both have in common that you found on her online dating profile and continue to push the topic.

An example of this would be that one time I was going on a date with a woman who really loved traveling and that is something we both have in common. Before the date I came prepared with a couple questions in order to make sure that the conversation keeps flowing. Being prepared will help you avoid those awkward silences.

Ask Her A Hypothetical Question

A good way to spice up the conversation is by asking her a hypothetical question made up in a hypothetical scenario. These questions could just be silly just to keep the conversation interesting and intriguing, like asking her about sex in public and what she would do if she was ever caught.

Take Her To A Different Place

If you are at a standstill in your conversation, a great way to get out of it is just by telling her that you are ready to go somewhere else. Of course, this is only going to be effective if she is also interested in going somewhere else. If she is, this is a great way to escape an awkward silence and move on to another place. From experience, this method is usually quite effective but you have to know for sure that she is interested in you.

Online Dating Site Reviews: is a good dating site and it ranked number 5. the site itself has great features and a great variety of women. Not only that, but there were quality men on the site for women as well. This is all why we think that is a great site and why it is in our top 5.

Just because we ranked 5th doesn’t mean that it’s not as good as some other dating sites. Sites above it include and When there are so many online dating sites out there, coming in 5th is amazing. The only thing that is really separating from is the matching system that uses. However, that is the only thing that really differentiates them.


We created several different profiles in cities around the the US. Finding women was not a problem on there were a lot of quality women to choose from, both attractive and intelligent.

As always, we sent out 450 emails and we were lucky enough to receive 300 email responses back. Although we usually hope for at least a 50% response rate, clearly passed this test further showing how great of a site it is.

Out of all the responses we received, we were able to go on 14 dates with 12 different women. The best pasrt is that all of these women were very attractive and intelligent. Finding a relationship on this site would not take too much work because of the great selection of women available.

How To Get The Most From

The best thing to do on if you want great results is to send out as many emails as possible. This is because there is still a lot of competition from other men so the best thing to do is to send out your emails to women first. This takes a lot of time and effort so you have to be willing and committed on this site if you really want to find a relationship.

The Worst Parts About

The only real downside to is that there are a lot of men compared to the number of women. It is definitely not as bad as some other sites like but it is a bit of an issue. The best way to deal with this is, like we already mentioned, to send out as many emails as possible. This issue is nothing that should be stressed about because of the great quality of women that are on the site.

Conclusion came in 5th because it didn’t quite do as well as sites like however, it is still a fantastic dating site. There are plenty of opportunities to meet someone on this online dating site, you just have to commit yourself to sending emails. The best thing to do as we always say is to also sign up for a membership on and has great features that allow for ease of access and ease of finding the right woman for you. Another great aspect is that signing up is not as expensive as some other sites. There are a lot of great women on this site, and if you follow our advice in our online strategy guide then you are guaranteed to find that right person for you.

First Adult Date Ideas That Will Get You Laid

Where you go on a first date will determine whether or not you are going to get laid. Just going to a dinner or movie is not going to get her to go to bed with you. The following are three date ideas that will get you laid.

A Lounge

A relaxed lounge is very different from a loud bar so this distinction is very important. Bars are much louder so you have to make sure that you go to a lounge. Another important thing, pay the remember is to not drink too much and get too drunk. This can hinder your ability to perform later.

The best time to go to a lounge is after dinner. Find an intimate lounge where you can relax and talk for a while. When you are comfortable and relaxed, you have a higher probability of getting laid.

Dinner At Your House

Cooking dinner at your place is a great date idea. You already have her in your house and the bedroom is only steps away. Cooking dinner yourself gives you a lot of control over the situation. There’s no waiting around to get a table, pay the bill, and everything else that comes with going out to dinner. Another great thing about cooking at your place is that you are able to have control over the menu too. Making a lighter dinner is a better idea than a really large meal. Have some wine and set up a romantic dinner and you are guaranteed to get her in bed.

Go Dancing

Going to a club and dancing is a great date idea if you know she loves to dance. Clubs are not the best place to meet women but if go there with a woman it can work out really well. You can meet her before and have some drinks at a lounge and then head to the club. Going to a club is a great date idea because you’re dancing and are rubbing up against each other all night. After this, there’s a high likelihood that she is going to want to go back to your place.

Online Dating Site Reviews: is definitely not a good dating site. It definitely does not come in our top 4 rankings. did not have any of the things we look for in online dating sites. This site was so bad that it had none of the features of even an average dating site. Although this is a pretty terrible dating site, it wasn’t as bed as there is really nothing positive to say about


As always, we sent about 450 emails out in order to get out results. Shockingly, we had to keep emailed some of the same women more than once because there were simply not enough to choose from!

It’s safe to say that we didn’t get a very good response rate because there really weren’t any quality women logged on to the site. Out of all the emails we sent, we only received approximately 15 emails back. Of course, with such a low number of responses, it’s pretty clear that we couldn’t set up any dates.

The Worst Parts About

There really isn’t anything good to say about so it the only things to say are negative. There weren’t any attractive women on this site so there really wasn’t any opportunity to meet any quality women. Another bad feature was that there were a ton of fake profiles on this site.


Overall, it’s pretty clear that isn’t a site you should sign up for. There was nothing good about this site so don’t go ahead and waste your time there. The point of an online dating site is to meet women and we weren’t able to meet any. Don’t bother with this site. Instead try or

Online Dating Site Reviews: is ranked number 3 in our reviews of online dating sites. It is a very good site and it’s new which means it has a lot of potential. is up there with both and If you have tried either of those before, then this site would be great for you too. is set up a little easier than other dating sites like Results are a lot faster to receive. The other difference with this online dating site is that there isn’t as much choice with women. There are a few very good quality women, but the selection is just not the same as


Although we weren’t as successful on as we were on, this site is really good. It is ranked in our top 5 which means that we had some success in finding dates on this site. We sent out approximately 450 emails and out of those we received 231 responses! This is over a 50% response rate which is great for an online dating site. is a great dating site and we highly recommend it because we were able to set up dates with over 15 women.

How To Get The Most Out of

The best way to get everything you can out of this online dating site is to continue to change and upgrade your profile a few times a week. This doesn’t mean that you have to make huge changes, just edit a or remove a line or two. The reason for doing this is to keep your profile popping out in the top search results. Profiles with the greatest amount of activity will be at the top. Although they don’t tell you this information specifically, we found it out ourselves. We also found that adding new photos every week will increase your likelihood of women going onto your profile.

The Worst Parts About

It’s had to pinpoint the worst parts about because it is overall a very good dating site. However, the only thing that stood out is that the selection of women wasn’t as great as it is on still has a lot of women to choose from, just not as much as uses a less complex matching system then that of although we met a lot of great women, and some that would be great matches, there were still a few that we didn’t really have anything in common with. is more thorough and you are more likely to meet women that share the same interests as you.


There isn’t much bad to say about The only problem with it is that it’s not as perfect as This online dating site is definitely worth the money to sign up for a membership because it quite likely that you will find a match. As we have already mentioned in other reviews, it’s important to sign up for a membership on more than one dating site. This means that you will have a higher chance of finding love. When you are a member of more than one dating site, you have many more options and are not tied down to one site. Alongside, the best options of course would be and

When Do Women Go For One-Night Stands?

Women who just want a one-night stand aren’t always easy to point out. They don’t hold some sign up that says they are looking to get laid. There are certain signs to look for to find out which women are just looking for sex. There is always some reason out there and you just have to figure it out. These reasons are the following…

She Was Cheated On

A woman who was just cheated on is going to be out there looking for revenge. The best way to do this is to have a one-night stand with a complete stranger. When dating online, these women are easiest to spot when they talk about how mad they are at their ex boyfriend. These women will be the easiest to get into bed.

It’s Been a Very Long Time Since She’s Had Sex

Unlike some men think, women think about sex just as much as men do. Women want to have sex too. If they haven’t been laid in a while, women will be out there looking to find someone for a quick one-night stand. These women are desperate and they will be very easy to get into bed. Just by asking a woman online about the last time she had sex will tell you just how desperate and easy she will be.

She’s Drunk

Drunk women are horny and looking for sex. The only downside to this is that they will be sloppy and not that great in bed. This is especially true if she’s too drunk.

Drunk sex may have been fun back in college days, but it just doesn’t have the same appeal anymore. After some experience, you get to realize that drunk sex is not that much fun. That’s also when you realize that meeting women online is much better than just meeting women in bars.

She’s Slutty

Some women are just slutty and easy. These women are the easiest to get in bed and it is quite easy to pick them out online. Once you are talking to them and all they can talk about is sec, then you know that getting laid isn’t going to be that difficult.

Explaining Why Women Are Attracted To Confident Men

Women always claim that they are just looking for nice guys. In reality, this isn’t very true because those women always end up with some random douchebag. When women just want to hook up they are not looking for some “nice guy”, they want someone who is confident and aggressive.

As the common saying goes, nice guys finish last. Men are are indecisive and quiet and just agree with what the women are saying are not going to get laid. Women are more interested in guys who are confident. When you are just a nice guy, you can be mistaken for a pushover. The confident guy will be able to score a date with a woman online way before the nice guy does. This is because the confident guy is more aggressive and asks her out right away.

Especially on online adult dating sites, women are much more attracted to confident guys. If you really want to get laid, the nice guy routine isn’t going to get you there. If, however, you are looking for a long term relationship, being the overly confident aggressive guy isn’t going to get you far, and instead you can be the nice guy again.

Nice guys are pushovers and aren’t the masculine type that most women are looking for. Nice guys seem much less masculine and fragile, both qualities that women are unattracted to. Women like it when men take control, not the other way around.

Women aren’t interested in guys that they can just walk all over and who have no control. Confident guys can stand up to women and not let them walk all over them. This confidence makes men seem harder to get because they act like they can get any other woman out there.

Although women always say they like nice guys, this is simply not the case when they just want to hook up. Almost always, women go for the asshole confident guy who can put them in their place. Nice guys are often just shoved into the “friend zone” and they don’t get laid.

Things You Should NEVER Say to a Woman

There are some things that you should just never say to women. There are many things I can tell you to say to women that will help you get laid, but the point of this article is to show you the top 3 things that should never be said.

I love women with big asses

Although this may seem like a compliment, it doesn’t always get portrayed that way. Women are quite sensitive when it comes to the issue of weight, so any comments that may involve her weight you should steer far away from.

You never know how the woman is going to react to a comment like that because you don’t know what kind of weight insecurities she may have. This is especially true in the case where a woman may be trying to lose weight. If you tell her she has a big ass this will just further her insecurities and you are not going to get laid.

I don’t know what I’m looking for

Women want to know what you’re looking for. Men often times ignore the question and don’t give a straight answer because they are afraid of saying the wrong thing and offending the woman. Instead of telling women what they really want, men ask what the woman is looking for and then just agree with what she says. This makes you look very indecisive and not very confident. These are unattractive traits and women don’t like that about men.

Last But Not Least…

One of the worst things that men do online is act like complete perverts. Making extremely dirty comments to women online isn’t going to get laid. Don’t get me wrong, women love sex too, but it is a complete turn off when men just act like perverts. Instead of talking about all the things you want to do to her, just prove it when you’re with her.

Online Dating Site Reviews:

From all the different online dating sites we’ve reviewed, has to be the worse over dating site. The reason it was at the bottom was because our results were so negative, we did not meet anyone. However, our overall experience on the site wasn’t as bad as others like

The interesting thing about is that it is not only a place to find an intimate relationship; rather it is also place to find friendships. There’s not much competition out there for a site like this, so in that sense is original.


The reason why ranked in the bottom of our reviews was because of our extremely disappointing results. Out of 450 emails that we sent out, we only received 19 responses! We didn’t think it was even possible to get such poor results. For an online dating site, this degree of responses is unacceptable which is why it is one of the worst online dating sites out there.

The Worst Parts About

It was quite odd to find a site that was also based around finding friendships rather than long term relationships. We found that women who were on the site were more interested in finding a friendship instead of a relationship. The whole site is quite confusing. The name in itself makes it seem like it is a site for meeting friends, but somehow they market it like any other online dating site. The concept is a bit strange and there needs to be some more clarification on what the site is actually meant for.


If you are interested in finding love then this site is not for you. However, if you are only looking for a pen pal and not much more than this site might be the right match for you. It’s confusing as to why anyone would want to spend money on an online site to find a friendship, but to each their own. If you are looking for a relationship then you should sign up for where you can find quality women who are looking for the same thing as you.

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